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the origin of this fire has not been determined yet (as far as I know) it seems hard to believe that a missile would be fired at this plant in broad daylight while peoples' attention was focused on it. (although nothing would surprise me at this point)

There is a definite "whoosh" sound that does sound like a "missile" approaching, but a similar sound is made when fumes catch fire. Ever let the gas run a little too long in your grill or fireplace before you light it?

My stepdad who is a chemist and had worked in various types of plants throughout his career, thinks that it was most likely the fumes from another anhydrous ammonia tank on the premises.

Also ammonium nitrate was supposedly used in combination with TNT in older artillery shells. That's probably why it looked like a b0mb going off.

I could be wrong though. Make of it what you will.