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Comment: You just don't know how angry that makes me.

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You just don't know how angry that makes me.

I am sorry, this issue is the big lump in my throat about Ron Paul. I REALLY wish he would speak up on this issue, but I guess this sort of thing might keep a guy's lips zipped, eh?
If Rand would take this on, I would turn a blind eye to everything else, I would support him all I could. This nonsense of fighting for liberty while pedophiles run the government and the court system is really not something I can "sweep under the rug" for politics.
Amash has been hitting me up for donations. I don't do political donations, but if ANY politician would expose the pedophiles, I'll support them. Friggin' Lindsey Graham could get my support at this point. Everybody is so OK with compromising my rights, I'll compromise everything to get the Goddamned pedophiles OFF OUR CHILDREN.

Love or fear? Choose again with every breath.