Comment: I am not attacking anyone. I

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I am not attacking anyone. I

I am not attacking anyone. I can clearly see your concern is for the two suspects. To me it seems you are looking for anything you can call an inconsistency, you are not looking to clear up inconsistencies. That was what my whole line of questioning was about as to the "acting" theory, was to walk through the impossibility of maintaining such a hoax and thus clear up that "inconsistency" you observed. That along with all the other evidence I have posted since that theory was thrown out days ago. That theory CAN and will be proved correct or false with 100% certainty. I maintain it has already been proven false to most reasonable unbiased people. Most of my posts in reply to you and others have been exactly that, posting information to help clear up inconsistencies. I'm not sure why you see it as attacking. My concern is justice for the people who were killed, maimed and hurt by the bombers and I have seen no reason at all to not believe the brothers were at least involved in it.