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uh... obviously I don't. lol .oD

though, I do have to wonder, for ALL these MSM whores, what it must feel like knowing that you wake up daily, to lie to everyone in the world, for a living...

seriously, even if you get $millions of $FRN's a year doing it, these aren't exactly 'dumb' dumb people. They're evil, malicious hacks, but in generic parlance, not 'stupid' stupid. So... I'm assuming, eventually, at some point, the prospect of knowingly leading an inauthentic life, has to catch up with them.

granted, if they're purely 100% sociopathic, lying for a living, FOREVER, will never be a problem for them, but assuming the '3% of humans are born predisposed to being sociopathic, for whatever reason'-rule holds true, one may be most plausibly correct to assume that equally among the MSM hacks, they maybe a-holes, malicious a-holes and lying POS at that, but even then, majority may not be 100% full-on genetically sociopathic.

so then, the question remains...what is the honesty threshold for this current batch of, the guild of statist propagandist whores??

Dylan Ratigan was the rare exception, so it seems. then again, he's anti-gun. So he doesn't matter that much to me.

Dan Rather could arguably be another, but he's still an utterly delusional statist hack.

It truly seems like, expecting a genuine crisis of conscience and honesty catharsis from this group of weird human aberration aka Ruling Class' MSM sycophantic turds, is almost an impossibility...

Seriously, you'd think even among the Ruling Class sycophant corps, they'd eventually, viscerally realize that the path they're on, won't even benefit them, purely out of selfish self-preservation prospects, alone. It's like when does it become obvious to them, being invited occasionally, to parties at the Hamptons, ISN'T the same, as actually owning the Hamptons...

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul