Comment: This is Michael's site

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This is Michael's site

and ultimately his call and also who he has as moderators who are entrusted to make decisions on posting, comments etc.

I have been here for well over 5 years and was at one time a moderator.

The only reason I am posting a comment on this thread is to make a general comment about the threads and the seemingly endless threads sometimes. I do not post much or comment much at all anymore, because a good amount of the time it is too difficult to come here and view many inane conversations that go back and forth and to me very childish in nature. Even the titles of the threads are a good amount of the time extreme - i.e. using words to capture attention and in most cases the content is to me idiotic and not worth having a drawn out discussion.

And I might as well say while I am at it, that some of the threads that make the front page just baffle me. All in all, this site was much better when it first came about but now I dunno, it just seems to have been going down hill for a while.

Just my 2 cents.

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