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You obviously have no idea

You obviously have no idea how I think or where my starting point in investigation is. The government has nothing to do with my concern being for the people who were hurt and killed. I am far from ignorant of the fact that the government lies. I don't understand the disconnect here. Once something is proven to me to not be true, I don't keep asking but what if it is? To me it has been proven that a real bomb went off at the Boston Marathon and hurt and killed people. Since it is being discussed I've wished to pass that knowledge on to others on the DP by asking questions and showing pictures and sharing links that I believe should lead others to come to the same belief. Either 3 people died never to be seen again and 14 people now are missing limbs they had before the Boston Marathon or not, there is no way around that fact. I think it's been proven by pictures and articles with others testimonies that there is in fact people who lost limbs and people who were injured and people who died, from a bomb. I don't see how anybody can present a coherent anywhere-near-believable-or-possible theory for how 14 people are going to act like they had limbs amputated for the rest of their lives. Of why someone would give up their 8 year old son for the rest of his life to god knows who just to cover for a fake bombing for the government.
It seems to me that some people will not believe it unless they can go in Jeff Bauman's hospital room and have them unwrap his bandages and check out his amputation wounds. Maybe some recent pre-Boston Marathon videos of him in shorts with close ups of his legs to top it off. By all means have at it and record the whole process and then put it on youtube. But then some will call it fake anyway.