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Hi Brother Andrew

Is this a liturgical reading? I had to go look up liturgy to see what it was. From what I am understanding it is just a framework or a pattern followed for worship? It seems like when I think of liturgy I think of formal ceremony in the sense of high church worhsip.

Tomorrow at church, we will sing a few traditional songs out of the hymn book that the lay music director has picked. We may sing some contemporary praise songs too. We will pass the offering plate and maybe someone will sing or play some special music and then the pastor will preach. We will have a hymn of invitation. Then at the very end we all hold hands and someone prays then we sing a song called "Family of God" and then when that song is done we are done. We kind of do the same thing each Sunday, but it is not formal and just the people at our church decide what order and which songs and what scripture will be read.

Not that you asked, but I thought I would explain anyways :)

I have enjoyed reading your comments. I am glad you are back at the DP.