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Thanks for your wishes

bear! I think I understand what you are getting at, but I also believe that our younger generation would be very wise to have a very heavy dose of scepticism and mistrust toward our government, toward any government for that matter. It was too much blind faith and trust in government that got us into the mess of a situation we now find ourselves in. I don't know that it has to lead to a total state of disillusionment...just a realization that all power eventually corrupts so the less we give away of it, the better. Our founding fathers had very little faith or trust in government or consolidated power, which is why they went to the great lengths that they did to limit that power. Our children have been brainwashed for so long to believe that big government is good and can always be trusted, and we know from experience that that simply is not true. There are plenty of things our young adults can have faith in and look up to, not the least of which is God, but government should not be high on that list, in fact I don't think it belongs on the list at all. It is, no doubt, a painful lesson for some to learn, but a necessary one I think. I think that, just as you referenced, Ron Paul sets a great example in teaching young adults how to "recognize the difference between Liberty and tyranny", as you put it so well, but hasn't Tyranny reached it's greatest pinnacle when it involves destroying the lives of our own people to achieve a political or financial end? Isn't it really important that our young adults recognize that we have actually reached that dangerous and perilous point in our own country so that they can fully realize what is at stake and become prepared to stand against it? That is just my feeling on it, and the Lord knows I am not always right, but I fully believe that the truth of what our government has become needs to be shared and shouted from the rooftops if necessary. I truly do applaud anyone who has the courage to do just that. As always bear, I enjoy hearing your insights and my best wishes to you and yours as well! Thanks for thinking about me :)