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I was a general surgeon. That was, until the little minds of small town doctors play politics. I wonder why doctors in small towns are considered to be making good money at $80,000 a year! Then our entertainers, sports celebrities, health insurance CEOs, make millions! I got sort of angry thinking about this all of the time. The anger now is subdued. I think the doctors that act like they do, hurting any of their colleagues they can, are little minded people, getting what they deserve. As people say "karma's a bit--" or "what goes around comes around!"

I read the other day that one of the pioneers of laparascopic surgery had his projector turned off at a meeting, the doctor doing so claiming what he was doing was "unethical"! It is now one of the most advancing fields in medicine. (Similar to the situation I encountered. I was residency trained to do laparoscopy, yet the doctors at the small rural hospital found themselves unable to approve my laparascopic cholecystectomy privileges because they thought "it was not a good procedure". They are eating their words, now. But, that does not help what was done to me!) Or, the guy that figured out that most stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria. His "colleagues" laughed him out of the auditorium! Now the first step in treating ulcer disease is combination antibiotic therapy with proton pump inhibitors. Robotic surgery was the big thing a few years ago. Now, it is falling into the hands of the malpractice lawyers. Those politician doctors left practicing are getting what they deserve! IMHO, anyway! I guess the anger is showing through! glad I don't swim with those sharks, any more! I may be poor, but at least I can sleep at night, knowing I did not, unfairly, destroy the career of a colleague!

Eye surgeons restrict residency, just like the rest of the medical education leaders in this country do. What they do is no more miraculous than fixing a hernia or doing a vascular repair. None of that makes us heroes!