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Lew Rockell just asks for voluntary contributions

Lot's of link on DP are to sites that are smoozing for contributions.

Ron Paul will be peddling Home Schooling supplies and services this fall.

I have known fishy for years, and she's a Lady.

So I bumped her post, because I thought it was good.

I was going to just bump but followed a conversation we had the other day about autism and vaccines.

I've seen what RobHino with his carbadges is doing. Nystrom asked Rob for the link, IIRC.

Now, Rob is advertising on the DP providing income to DP so we can post. All from one link.

One peddler comes to 'town'. Enough parties wanted carbadges more than they wanted their $FRN or bitcoins. Ron wanted to sell carbadges more than he wanted carbadges.

Both parties profit or benefit. The Daily Paul profits from a new advertiser. DP Users profit. The community is wealthier, everyone benefits.

I considered. Would Nystrom be annoyed? I hope not. My typos annoy me also. Would fishy be annoyed? Well shooting fish in a barrel ;-)

I suspected others might be annoyed, some have spoke up. If I were on the other side of this fence would I have reason to be annoyed. I admit that I give myself the benefit of the doubt.

The altruism is intended. It's part of the service. I don't expect something for nothing. Freeloaders are greedy and selfish, they expect something for nothing.

I am not selling dreams but products certified by universities and private standards organization based on the results of 297 peer-reviewed scientific papers in the top journals.

If you know 10 people with health problems you can get your product out of the profits.

Join me we can team up and bring them the health they deserve. Health is a wonderful gift.

Healthcare is a Trillion Dollar industry that is failing to get results. Lifespan of Americans has been falling over the past quarter century.

I am offering solutions proven effective in animals and man for nearly half a century.

It's cute that the Doctor are making waves. They will make a couple thousand cutting out a perfectly good lens. Instead, I might make a hundred healing that lens. Is that being greedy? We are both better off. Do you agree.?

I claim my prices are competitive without the blood and gore.

If I got $10,000 a year of the trillion dollar healthcare pie then I offered a product and service that earned it in the marketplace by making my customers better off than they were.

Making money is a certificate of achievement. I will use it for room and board, invest some locally(whatever that means on the Internet) and put some away for a rainy day (as gold, silver or copper or nickel).

We can team up and and be greedy together. I try not to be stingy for all my other faults.

Free includes debt-free!