Comment: Jesus Christ

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Jesus Christ

I'm so sick of these government trolls trying to discredit Dr. Paul's legacy. Dr. Paul isn't a bigoted scumbag, such as yourself. It takes a real loser to blame the world's smallest minority for all our global problems. It's a mathematical fact that most of the worlds wealth is not controlled by Jews. Even if it was, so what? Americans criticizing Israel are like Russians criticizing America. We should focus on our own problems, because God knows we have a lot more than Israel does. Plus, we don't live there. So, it is really none of our fucking business how they conduct their foreign policy. And at least they're significantly more capitalist than most other countries. The only group screwing me is the government. My problem is with my own government, it isn't with some minority of my fellow Americans. If you think Israel pulled off 9/11, and our government covered it up for them, you're fucked up. You honestly believe your the bitch of some country that's smaller than a Texas county? If I ever thought such a thing, I would be doing more than whine about it on the internet. Get a life, you government troll.