Comment: Ideally, both

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Ideally, both

...but we all know that things almost never turn out ideally.

The part of me that (silently...usually) screams "you fucking IDIOT how can you not understand what I'm telling you!?" wants me to be 'right' more than anything else...but then I think about all the Republicrats, and what they have slowly turned into. Surely, even they were about the truth at one point...but became more concerned with being 'right' somewhere down the line.

After all, it may be my moral obligation to 'wake' people up, but it is *not* my job. I can only present an opportunity, plant a seed, et cetera, and let time take care of the rest. And that's something that a few people don't seem to understand; pushing people further will typically make them resist you that much more. Fight your intellectual battles wisely.

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