Comment: I worry

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I worry

that they are rounding up kids who can think on their own.

I graduated HS at 16 yo. I had some pretty radical ideas. They were more than happy to graduate me as a JR in HS.

I was rebellious with almost a 4.0 gpa, and I think they wanted me out. There was some controversy, in that I outsmarted my english teacher who tried to fail me. Luckily I kept every piece of work I did so they were more than happy to pass me and send me off to college.

Be careful. I tell my son to not talk about stuff like that at school, but that he should learn as much as possible.

Maybe I'm paranoid. I don't want to be painted as the "radical" dad. I hope your daughter is not singled out. If she is smart enough maybe she can graduate early and get out of the BS. Public school is horrible.

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