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Johnny Carson ~ Tonight Show, aired 1962 - 1992.

Victoria Jackson appeared on the Johnny Carson ~ Tonight Show reportedly 22 times. Yes, she was born August 2, 1959 in Miami, Florida.

1983. Victoria Jackson: I miss being young, but then again... It’s tough to be young.Victoria Jackson's biographical young woman story in her own words: I had been on Johnny Carson’s Tonight Show twice in 1983. I was 23 years old. Jim McCawley the talent scout told me that Johnny [Carson] wanted me back, but I had to do something really big. I had already used my best 6 minutes on my first appearance, and my B material on my second appearance. I had no more material. I let my brain just sit still for a while… and then, pop! Light bulb! I would sing on the balance beam! I’d never seen anyone do that before! ... Here is my dad doing a handstand.

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