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that was a pretty awesome and thoughtful post...

...I can only say, regarding my abrasiveness(which is deliberate quite often); it's pretty late in the game for America.

As far as the collective thing, you get it; if a FoxNewsChannel anchor at random stuck a microphone in any one of our faces at some rally and asked one of their leading/slanted questions, we'd say "I'm not part of the Tea Party, I'm in the Liberty Movement!"

When I wasn't even a neo-con, I just listened to Rush Limbaugh because he was a trend(like Starbucks!); he was the one who said "go grab a textbook from 100.years ago and see what kids had to learn to get out of 8th grade"...that was 20 years ago!!!

Now that I've been on a journey that had got me through the K-street Christian Conservative, making merchandise out of people sucking money from the sincere and unsuspecting who have been consistently told their children "lose the culture war, abandon our founding morals as an anchor, lose the nation"; I get a bit incensed and impatient with those who want to have a mile wide, inch deep Liberty movement from a progressive mindset, either because one professing Christian committed some heinous act of hypocrisy, or, they're just unchurched themselves.

I suppose I have my role; I contribute what knowledge and inferences I have made, and you at least view it and appreciate it. I'm not about elevating myself; all I can say is, if I die tomorrow(I've already had cancer once), at least I said something even if my delivery was terse and seemingly insensitive.

It's grow up time, these tyrants are not going to back off; and I sense we are being provoked at every turn to fire the first shot; many people don't recognize how deep and deceptive and knowledgeable of the same scriptures these guys on top are!

I write as I'm moved to write...