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Comment: With or without the DP

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With or without the DP

I'm still going to go about things the same way. I converse with anyone who'll listen about anything from the FED to the militarization of police and so on. I also encourage others to participate in local elections, as I believe in bottom-up government-- I'll leave the national stuff to those who place their faith in electronic voting machines and/or are still looking for a savior.

Number 6 is something I'd really like to try to try and get going in my area, though there are already elements of it. I've connected with a lot of the life-long residents here and we're attempting something on that idea.

As for 12-- I forget who said it, but "you can beg people for money as long as you give them appetizers!"

I'd like to do more, but I'm pretty much working on my own here, and there are only so many hours in a day.

Good topic, by the way. It's refreshing to see people offering solutions and ideas rather than the usual chicken little talk.

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