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you are no different than those you criticize

RP never said he believes the "original story" (which i am guessing you mean the 'offical story'). what he did say is the following:

"i never automatically trust anything the government does when they do an investigation because too often there is an area the government has covered up whether its the Kennedy assassination or whatever."

when asked if he would support a new investigation on 911:

"yes i think we need to look at the details of it...the investigation was an investigation where there were cover ups...there could be another investigation because there is a split in the i definitely think it would be worthwhile"

"i would talk with Dennis and we would have a better chance of getting a new investigation..too often an investigation is usually a cover up."

This is one transcript in which he talks candidly (albeit carefully) where it is obvious that the official story doesn't hold up (as the vast majority of 911 commissioners have admitted, stated, and even written about).

You would be better served not skewing his positions and commentary to support the official fable/narrative you seem invested in. Its obvious he knows the official story is flawed and consists of elements of a cover up.

Doesn't mean he is a truther. Doesn't me doesn't suspect blowback. Doesn't mean he blames Zionism. But certainly doesn't imply he believes the 19 terrorist story you claim is his opinion.

You cant say he doesnt say X so he believes Y when he never says Y as you maintain. I get you want to believe in the offical story and the 19 actors working independant of any intelligence, government, or state sponsorship. But the burden remains on those who want to believe that to prove that as much as it does on those who believe to the contrary.

Any attempt to claim otherwise is as much conspiracy as any other opinion.