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Love it

but... where will we meet to discuss and support such projects? This is the big issue, and why the DP has been so important. If not at the DP then where? Serious question.

First I don't believe Michael has made any firm indications about the future of the site. I know he's discussed it a little but has made no plans to actually do so publicly that I know of. I may be wrong, do you have a link or is this just speculation based on recent comments?

Second I think these ideas are great and should be focused on going forward. Granted Daily Paul may or may not be here in the future, I have high hopes that it will continue on, even if it takes a break for a while. If it does indeed go away, I still think a central meeting place is good for keeping up to date on the latest liberty promoting projects that people are up to so that we can support them or implement them in our own areas. I think the DP has done a great job in this respect and I hope it continues to do so in the future, but if not, where should we meet? I feel we lose power and momentum fracturing off into small groups focusing on one cause or another. Thoughts?