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Comment: I personally spent time with a 29-year police veteran in my town

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I personally spent time with a 29-year police veteran in my town

...40 minutes approximately...yesterday, late afternoon...and I asked him...

Can I interview you and others, on video, about the images coming out of Boston, conspiracy theories, paranoia, and your training about "extremist patriot groups"?

He said perhaps, but not until he retires in July.

I asked him, what do you think about this show of force in town last Sunday night over some kids with a BB gun in a residential backyard?

He said, I know how that call probably came in, and how we're supposed to respond; no surprise...but did you know, criminals in the cities now paint real guns florescent pink and orange to look like BB guns?

In an aside, speaking of the paranoid, he told me "you know how many of those types think the government is listening to every word we say on our cell phones? I got a call last week, from a middle school teacher who asked me how to get rid of 3 sticks of dynamite from her basement, left there by her(I forgot, son or husband) who has left the home due to their issue with mental issues/depression; right there, in one phone conversation you have two words...'dynamite' and 'depression' or 'mental illness'; you know what? Nobody called me about it!"

Anyway, he knows my political leanings, he knows where I go for news; he knows I'm a born-again and he says he is too(he told me he likes Todd Friel's Wretched program, and, he encouraged me to watch this ... He also told me he gives Bibles to "messed up" high school kids on school grounds when they get in trouble, and they say 'thank you, no one has ever spoke to me like this before"

Anyway, my point is, I have to stay grounded despite all my distrust of government. I also told him I don't particularly care for the sudden presence of police cars at our elementary and middle schools after Sandy Hook;

I can get on the Daily Paul and get my righteous indignation on, or, I can just do my thing in my community and feel confident the people are real, and they'd be willing to hear my plea for a radical change in government because the cronyism has become self-defeating and destructive to our posterity.

Without a doubt, answer A is the way to go...and buying 19th century textbooks, and other pieces of Americana to show people how far we've fallen, WORKS!