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As I tried to point out any

As I tried to point out any crackpot can come out and say this stuff. I want evidence. Do some tests for Barium or whatever they are spraying. The youtube clip you showed said there were 1000s of documents from the government detailing this plan... I want to see those documents. All I get is second hand information about it when it comes to chemtrails. It doesn't seem logical that pilots would be knowingly spraying that stuff cause they have families too. And furthermore unless the leaders of this country live in cave with a controlled environment wouldn't they suffer the adverse effects just the same as everyone else? Also the video references this happening worldwide. So its a global conspiracy according to that clip. So all the governments of the world agreed to this... Iran and Israel the US and China... Pakistan and India... that is a bit to much cooperation for me to believe.

I said in my post before I don't have any evidence to support or disprove the theory. I saw your video it still hasn't convinced me. Can I show you a reptilians rule the planet video? Then you HAVE to believe that with out questioning a single thing about it.