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The motivations of global warming high priests scientists are largely pecuniary.

But just be aware, CO2 does have an impact on climate. Everything does in any system. The point is that it's tiny and the feedbacks are antperturbative. I only mention this because if you say it has zero effect you set yourself up for being falsified. It's not zero, but it is tiny and weather counteracts it. See for more info.

The ZPAW if it comes will be entirely man made, but it will have nothing to do with climate.

Well, there is one possibility which will have to do with climate. We are overdue for an ice age. The only defense will be ample and optimally dispersed capital stocks, which we do not have. This can only be produced by freedom and free markets. Without free markets capital is concentrated in the political and crony classes and when real climate change occurs, there will be starvation.