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I think.. personal choice would be A. I have pondered the most effective way for one to best convey the message of Liberty, and I truly believe the consistent principle and moral argument is the best way to go. I, like many others, have learned a lot along the way, and with every new day, we refine, re evaluate, and come closer to perfecting our moral understanding of Liberty and how to best spread it. Our arguments grow stronger, and with the better understanding of these principles, the easier it gets to convey. Kind of like how Ron Paul speaks of them without blinking an eye, without a teleprompter. When you stand on principle, there is no flip flopping, no catering to the opinions of the majority, and no changing responses in order to cater to a specific type of group. It is what is, and that becomes self-evident in the moral principle itself when conveyed/understood correctly.

That being said, I DO recognize that some people respond to things differently, or how different approaches may get them to be "awakened", or to start questioning their govt., thus eventually ending at the true message of Liberty. I agree with the poster who stated such a sentiment, as I was actually one of those people. It WAS the "conspiracies", that i had delved into, that eventually lead me to Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Austrian Economics, and thus, to the fundamental understanding of the moral principles of individual Liberty.

Like one poster suggested, maybe those real off the top, extreme, weird, dubious posts and topics, are what keeps us on our feet.

Maybe we are allowing our emotions to get the better of us. Maybe we kind of kept going with this irrationality based on those emotions, and we all feel kind of bad.

I believe the message of Liberty will prevail. It will be a bumpy road, and it may not go exactly as planned, but then again, we can't central plan this anyways. The spontaneous, non-violent energy, of individuals using their god given talents and reason, will sort the ridiculous and absurd out. The only thing we can do, is make our arguments and reasoning better, and allow for individuals to make up their own mind, by the god given talents they possess.

Just my 2.

Michael, I thank you for everything you have done, and the tireless work and time that you have put in, in order to advance the message of Liberty. You did it, and still do it, because you have a passion. You were meant to do it.

Don't you ever go away permanently! We'll hunt you down Mr. DP! :P You have gave encouragement to not only me in these last 5 years, (although I know my register member date only says 1 year and some change) but so many others as well... for I have seen it.

It's pressuring, I know. But don't let it get to you brother, please. Take a break for a little, meditate, and allow the negativity, headaches, and feelings of disheartenment leave you.

All of us grow with each other, and for that I am grateful. We are the Liberty Family, and I love it! Never end it!

Cheers, brothers and sisters! for we still have much to do in this promising future ahead of us!



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