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I love that the last direct

I love that the last direct quote comes from 1899, almost 50 years before his assassination.

Gandhi did not discriminate against the lower castes and he felt that giving them additional benefits might engender hostility between the castes. A view with which I now disagree, but which is completely consistent with the principles of liberty.

Every man has done enough evil to paint him as the devil if one so chose. Gandhi just did a lot more good than most ever do. He had courage and conviction.

If you want to villify mother Teresa or even Ron Paul, you could. The story of Ron Paul's newsletters should give some credence to this statement. The fact that his contemporaries held him in such high regard in their testimonies should hold some weight at least.

As for why he was known as father of the nation. Haha, I found the article very funny. Everywhere he used to go people used to go, people used to call him 'Bapu' or 'Bapuji' which means father. Since everyone called him that someone remarked that he was the father of the whole nation. Sometimes even today he is referred to as just Bapu. I don't know if I ha e explained it adequately , but I assure its not some evil conspiracy.