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i agree, although i still

i agree, although i still find it an odd thing a coincedental thing,

Could be something as innocent as

"Shoot! Sarge, i forgot to put the mens clothes in the washer"
"now? NOW, you want to talk about the mens clothes"
cadet looks at camera, looks away
"sorry sarge"
*sarge facial facepalm

or could be something
"sarge, i thought we were'nt releasing that, yet"

the little things count, there doesnt have to be an illuminate confession behind every blip....

in the end, what i get from this clip, is something out of the ordinary, and a "wish i knew why" question in my mind, with the expectation of not ever finding out the answer......if thats how it is, then thats how it is, i wont champion infringing on those who may be innocent.....if theres a way to do it without infringing, fair play

i understand what your saying, and i agree completly, for balance's sake, we should always balance both sides.......TO ANYTHING, as best we can