Comment: Malpractice suits?

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Malpractice suits?

Yeah, it is sad. I LOVED my job. Old fogies would come in, I'd test their vision. Some of them could barely see me wave my hand in front of their face, could not tell how many fingers I had up. Take a few measurements, make a few calculations, for several years I even assisted in surgery. Then, next day, pull that patch off and watch them cry.... cry with them.... as they read 20/20. Yeah, OFTEN. When I started I worked for one of the top cataract surgeons in the world, ophthalmologists would fly in from all over to have him do their surgery. He also got the really tough cases, the patients who had let their cataracts go until they were nearly blind.
I loved my job, loved my patients, loved knowing that I was really helping people...
Ah, well. I love watching people learn about aquaponics too. At least the plants don't sue anyone when they die.

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