Comment: PROOF Building 7 fell naturally or....

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PROOF Building 7 fell naturally or....

...PROOF that fireant has an agenda?

Was this article your only source in making your determination? Show me where in this article that it mentions free-fall collapse. Better yet, show me where it mentions the word "steel" (or even steel re-inforced). Below are a few lines from the article. Are you using the fact that the article mentions "mangled rods" as proof that the building was made of steel?

“I saw the materials used in the columns and the material used for the rest of the building and it was completely substandard.”
Rahima was trapped. The pillars around her had collapsed. The building itself had collapsed. She was caged in by mangled rods, concrete.

Keep in mind too that there were no fires and the building wasn't built to code.

Fireant - you have a lot of 'splaining to do. If you legitimately believe your position I want to hear point-by-point how you've arrived at this conclusion. First off, I want you to address the "free fall collapse" argument and the "steel reinforced building" argument.