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Long way to go

Yes, he figured out stomach ulcers were caused by bacteria. Now you have quacks saying shutoff the stomach acid for every problem, proton pump inhibitors, which is absolutely retarded, since it is clear that the bacteria get a foot hold because there is not enough acid; not to mention, hey, let's kill off all the good bacteria and fuhk up your body to oblivion, being that your gut is the source of your immune system. What about the smarty pants doctors that prescribe tons of anti-biotics for "prostatitis", and boner killer pills, followed by surgical removal of the prostate, when the 99% of the cases can be cured by simple stretches of the pelvic floor muscles?

Everyone would benefit from medicine being opened up more to the free market, as these quack procedures would quickly disappear once people realized that doctors don't know every thing, although they will insist that they do. And yet not a single doctor I have ever met, except a select few that have written a book, have ever said try the paleo diet. Nope, they all get out their little prescription book, and prescribe some shitty pills that give you 10 more horrible symptoms than they cure.

There are some very skilled doctors out there, but we are still in the dark ages of medicine.... and everything else.