Comment: Something living, vibrant and lasting beyond single election cyc

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Something living, vibrant and lasting beyond single election cyc

Like a garden?
I agree, I get the feeling Nystrom has about had all he can take. I expected the DP to end in 2008, after the election, so it has been a long "grace period."
I see it a little differently, though. Once this community is disbanded, most of us will fade to black. I see no hope in politics - you say "vet politicians" but people who are really awesome before they get elected turn into back stabbing power grabbers the INSTANT they win an election. It is not the way the GOP treated me that leads me to give up on politics, it is the way other Ron Paul supporters behaved after I helped get them elected. Most of them would NEVER show up at a protest or rally now, it would hurt their chances of re-election...
This site, to my way of thinking, is the last link between the truthers and politics. Once it is gone, there will be no place where people who seek the truth can ask whatever questions come to mind. The atmosphere here is already shifting on that. When there is no place for me to ask the hard questions of people who are willing to seek the answers, why would I bother to ask them? They will still be in MY head, but it does not really improve my life personally to ask them out loud.
I'll hunker down in my little world and wait for the day they come for me, no longer burdened with the delusion that anyone will do anything to protect me or defend me, and there will be no one to rescue me once I am taken into custody. It is sad, I really wanted to help expose the tyranny, help people learn how to resist in their day to day life, help bring about a peaceful r3VOLution, but... Reality is.
Nystrom, thank you for this little haven, it was lovely while it lasted. I wish you and yours only the very best in life.
Fellow DPers, you are the Illiberati. It has been a pleasure interacting with you, even the trolls helped me grow. I shall miss you all and this site when you are gone.

This is the article that got my posting privileges revoked: