Comment: DP provides a forum to brainstorm what is happening

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DP provides a forum to brainstorm what is happening

in the world. Many of us meet here because we are "awake" and realize that governments have been taken over by a small group of UN-evolved people stuck at the level of ego and greed for power and wealth, who would like to make this world their global communist empire.

We meet here, but as individuals we are INFORMED ISLANDS in the world that are capable of helping those around us to see truth in what is happening. We are all Ron Paul carrying his message of freedom forward to those around us, and we will be here for those around us when the banker empire falls.

I thank you, Michael, for providing this platform where so many like minded have gathered to share ideas. YOU have made a big difference in this world! Were it not for Ron Paul and DP I would not have learned so much about what is really happening in the world. I will continue speaking truth to anyone who will listen, as Ron Paul still does. Whatever your choice, Michael, good luck and God speed on your journey, and the same to those who have gathered here at DP.