Comment: when the reality doesnt fit

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when the reality doesnt fit

when the reality doesnt fit the narrative, make shit up

In laymans terms, make 1% chance seem like 99% chance, when it comes to worse case scenario, in doing so, conditioning yourself to see a "listed" behaviour behind all innocent acts......thus, worming their way around pesky things like the constitution and bill of rights and its laws, which are for the people, to reign, the people, when reigning or giving up are your only choices, governments are and never have been exempt from that, but people wouldnt know that offcourse, doesnt fit the narrative
Guess what governments comprise off, hint- NOT! Mandated "divine blessed angels" and the reverence that comes with it........well, actually, there does seem to be some of that ....reverence

And it'll work, as long as governments keep playing dumb to our concerns so the others go on thinking anti big government folks as those who start trouble for the sake of trouble

no doubt there are those that would, but im not gonna give the world the middle finger because of it....i dont support perpetual war, thankyou fucking much

speaking to no one in general, certainly not you op, just musing my thought process......i like to air them out when they will, sorry if i got a few verbs wrong here or there, that may imply otherwise