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You've regurgitated well

what you learned by surfing sovereign citizen fake legal websites. Unfortunately, none of it is accurate. Common law is not the "law of the commoners". Go to law school, ask any professor, is that what it means. It isn't. Look it up in any credible legal dictionary. That is not what it means.

And, no the jury does not judge the facts and also rule upon the law. The judge rules upon the law in our system. The jury rules upon the facts. I agree there should be such a thing as jury nullification but that is different qualitatively than what you are saying. You have quoted the Constitution for jury trial rights but havent considered that it doesn't cover unlimited ground - it gives no jury trial rights for equitable causes of action (which have existed at common law for centuries) or for infractions. Sorry, reality.

Finally, there is no heirarchy in our legal system (the one that exists, not the one you dream up in mommy's basement) where statutory or regulatory law is somehow "inferior." Common internet myth and you can get thrown in the pokey over statutory violations as easy as anything else.

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