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I Say Both

As much as some people here hate AJ I have to say that HE woke me up more than anyone. I found Ron Paul due to him, I knew to get out of Dallas before shtf due to him, and I saw through Obama due to him. At first the stuff AJ would rant about scared the heck out of me and I couldn't wrap my mind around such evil but the more I listened the more I saw the stuff he was raving about happening around me. I saw this martial law crap coming, I saw the domestic drone crap coming, I looked up and SAW for MYSELF the corruption all around me. I SAW them cheat Ron Paul out of the nomination. BLATANTLY and BOLDLY. I KNEW that as soon as Obama got a second term that there would be hell to pay and there is. When does conspiracy end and reality begin? If we can't talk about these things here, where can we go? Personally I was appalled that you kicked people off for questioning the reality of the bombing. It looked faked to me but I wasn't going to post that until I had time to sort it out. I hate to be AFRAID to say so though for fear of being run out of town. You asked, so there it is.