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"But Business Insider's

"But Business Insider's Geoffrey Ingersoll says it's passage would have been pointless anyway, because all it would have done is give more legal cover to the government and companies for surveillance practices they already engage in."

"Wouldnt that imply that theres a case for an investigation on whether they are breaking the law as they stand now"

When statements like those ^^^ are made on a regular basis, coming from our representatives, then, and only then will i start to begin, to start, trusting, a fraction of a bit.....our representatives

An investigation on inner corruption dammit, of all things governments are capable of, am i to think that internal investigation of corruption is the one bain, that government is literally incapable of, there is a willingless there, not to do it, could be blind faith, could be reverence, could be the corupted helping the corrupted, who the hell knows.......why? because no one in government seems to want to investigate the growing number, mountain sized, backlogged, concerns of the people......were litterally having to shout them out, due to the lack of action