Comment: Orly Taitz Esq has done it for 5+ years now

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Orly Taitz Esq has done it for 5+ years now

Do lawyers HAVE to have six Jaguars and three vacation houses? No they don't so their point is moot. Orly Taitz Esq. has been litigating against Obama, his stolen SSN, his fraudulent passport, all of his several fake birth certificates, Eric Holder and the entire injustice Department, other crooked attorneys (like-Dave) filing bogus law suits against her, her stolen Senate election in CA, activist judges protecting TPTB, etc. etc. etc. for well over 5 YEARS now PRO BONO. So what's their excuse again? Oh yeah, food. I'm a free-market capitalist but DaveIsSkeptical needs to stop blowing smoke on here and just admit it's all about greedy profit. And it's not just everyone else's expense, it's the Constitution's expense. Every time these scum lawyers snub their nose at these civil liberty cases more and more of the Constitution dies and our freedoms right along with it. They do not have the brain capacity to realize that it's not just ONE PERSON they are fighting for. They are fighting for humanity but they don't see it like that. They see a new gold watch, a new helicopter for their yacht on their private lake. Orly is an immigrant and has done more for this nation than Dave and all his ilk combined. Dave needs to go look in the mirror, then apologize to God for willfully assisting Obama to usher in satan's agenda to enslave humanity for eternity. Thanks Dave.