Comment: My chickens will vote for you ((((((fishy))))))

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My chickens will vote for you ((((((fishy))))))

Why not start with running for a seat on a committee? Or running for an office in your state on a Ron Paul inspired PAC, Republican Liberty Caucus (Justin Raimondo was the speaker here, but they have officers), for example.

Running as an Indy is very expensive, where a parties can afford many expenses and provide a built in network (including those who work to undermine Indy's and other party candidates).

How about you make a campaign practice speach? Two minute speach on what office and why my chickens should vote for you (they think you are a wolf in fish clothing BTW). I'm just a regular sheeple.. my chickens scratching in Ron Paul on their ballots, I voted Romney to keep my seat, worked hard to get elected to it. GOOD LUCK!!

We are waiting :D