Comment: Straw Man = False Flag

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Straw Man = False Flag

This Topic, to me, exemplifies a tactic used by criminals.

The thief is at the store ready to steal something so the thief points and yells "Thief," and while all the people who may be in a position to foil the theft by the thief are misdirected, at that moment, the thief thieves.

Posing as someone who is doing due diligence, the thief counterfeits the actual people who do due diligence.

The counterfeit person doing due diligence can be accurately measured as covering up something that the counterfeit person is actually doing, since the person is accurately knowable as a person who is not doing what the person says he, or she, is claiming to be doing.

Who says?

What does the evidence prove, in any case?

Who has the authority to declare that which is true, officially, and that which is false?

What was Trial by Jury meant to accomplish?

A Man of Straw is a term used to convey accurate meaning, or, on the other hand, it is a term used to fool the targeted victims.