Comment: Yeah, good idea, let's reform

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Yeah, good idea, let's reform

Yeah, good idea, let's reform the mafia the same way.
I'd be more on your side if the people of Boston would have told the tyrants to go screw themselves. The truth is the people in this country are so indoctrinated to obey authority that most would turn against those who stand up for freedom.
I would recommend Harry Browne's book "How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World", you will waste your life if you try to reform the current system, he proved it by running for Libertarian presidential candidate.
Here's your fight,
1. Preschool to 12th grade govt indoctrination systems, children are mostly raised by the govt and then parents accept the idea that the children should be forced to attend.
2. Mainstream news, mostly carrying water for the govt.
These two alone are responsible for 90% of the statism we are surrounded by today, good luck changing it.