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Comment: "De-cide"

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I love it.
Thanks for your input. To be honest, it was mostly hypothetical, I was trying to get people to look at the yardstick they use to support politicians. Actually running was the furthest thing from my mind.
If cornered about what religion I practice, I reply "Taoism." It is the anti-de-cide religion - lol! I try to embrace The Way, and allow the path to unfold before me. I posted this while Mark slept in, then did my morning chores and came back. By then, Mark was up and reading the post. Now he is sitting here, seriously discussing if we should give it one more chance...
We shall see where the path leads me. I confess, I am stunned that only one person jumped up to tell me "No." In an odd way, it was the most encouraging post... He did not declare "I'd never vote for someone who is not Pro-Life" of whatever, he used the scatter pattern smear tactic, the one that whiffs of desperation... I dunno. Politics was slimy, nastier than a coop-full of chickens with diarrhea on a hot summer day. But if Mark wades in, I won't leave him to go alone... That'll teach me to ask questions...

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