Comment: Who am I criticizing?

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Who am I criticizing?

official story.. yes.. if saying official rather than original is important to stand a correction from you, please explain.

So, RP doesn't automatically trust anything the government does.. GOOD!!!! Ron Paul didn't automatically trust the official story, and he gave them quite a twist with BLOWBACK, Guyiliani never heard of such a thing! Ron schooled Rudy.. 19 hijackers BLOWBACK

(what is amazing is how those guilty of 911 never thought of blowback, because their orginial story was false, and Ron knows, but he appreciates life and living)

YES we should look at all the details. and what's more.. for justice we need a court, eh? So what choice is there besides U.N. International Criminal Court? Some folks don't want to bow to a UN NWO. Maybe you do?

It is you who are skewing Ron Paul's possitions. I suggest you begin reading his books, might help you break that progressive addiction.