Comment: I live right next to an AF

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I live right next to an AF

I live right next to an AF base and have not seen this proof I go outside like every 2 hours to smoke and always look up at the sky when I do. And I can honestly say I have never seen these chemtrails you speak of.

Also do you know me? Cause you sure do talk like we have met. You give me links and say I wont consider them proof even before I read them. Why are you prejudging me.

For someone trying to enlighten others on this subject you are doing a horrid job. During the campaign when I talked to people about RP do you think I acted hostile and put words in their mouth? That must be it, the way to change a persons opinion... you found it buddy... YAY congratulations!!!!!!

And what does it mean to put the word proof in quotation marks? Are you trying to imply its weak evidence? I will read these links and make up my own mind thank you very much.