Comment: What "Office" and At What Price?

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What "Office" and At What Price?

Is this a career change? Do you need taxpayer money?

Are you considering a local position such as: town clerk, councilperson, or supervisor?

Maybe at the county level like: legislator, clerk or executive?
Perhaps for your state assembly, senate or governor?

Your post included the words, "GOP", "9/11" and "high profile" which suggests a loftier goal: The U.S. Congress. If you plan to emulate Dr. Paul's congressional service, that would be wonderful. I would be happy to contribute to your campaign fund raiser.

Otherwise please reconsider not doing it. An endeavor such as that would be demeaning because you'll have to learn to speak "politic", give evasive answers, and say not what's on your mind but what your constituents want to hear. You'll be coerced into compromising your principals, to go along to get along, to be a target for the myriad of lobbyists who will clamor for your attention and the media who will scrutinize your every move. You would be politically prohibited from going outside the mainstream "party" dogma or risk subjecting yourself to negative demagogy to be marginalized and scapegoated.

You really want to become that kind of person?

You have a family and a home here. Don't be seduced by a system that is completely corrupt and malevolent. Because the devil is there it will eventually destroy itself. Evil lives in the dark; don't go into that place. Stay in the light, with us.