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First of all, Ted Gunderson was involved in the JFK assassination investigation. That pretty much kills all his credibility. The rest of his credibility is killed by the fact that he believed a secret society of Satan worshipers were secretly conducting 4,000 human sacrifices a year in New York City. The guy is fucking insane. I wouldn't use him as a source for anything. If you think Satan worshipers are behind everything bad that happens in America, you're completely fucking insane. Satan worshipers are probably one of the least violent segments of society. Prisons are full of born again Christians. There aren't many Satan worshipers in there. In fact, I'm pretty sure Satan worshipers just get a kick out of offending squares. I don't think very many of them sincerely worship Satan. It's the original religion parody. Like today's Flying Spaghetti Monster worshiping Pastafarians.