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Human teeth ...

... are not like herbivores. Herbivores have grinding teeth, moving sideways to grind the grains to small cud. Our teeth are more like carnivores, such as big cats. We chomp down on our food; we don't grind.

We have canines, but they are small. We are not particularly fast. Yet, we became the most fearsome hunters on the planet. That's because we don't need to pull animals down to the ground and suffocate them with our teeth the way lions do. Instead, we have arms and opposable thumbs. Most importantly, we have the largest brain for our size and we learned to hunt in groups, to outsmart our prey, and to use tools. We even taught wild dogs (wolves) to hunt with us so they could use their speed, claws, and canines, while we would catch up with them, kill the prey with our spears, cut the meat with our flint rocks, and toss some of the meat to the dogs. We ate the meat raw, just like the dogs.

You even read about stories of this with the American Indians who ate buffalo meat raw, and found the tongue to be a delicacy. The White Americans thought these people were "savages," partly for this behavior.

I agree with you on the energy stuff.