Comment: abortion is a deal breaker

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abortion is a deal breaker

I was always on the fence with this issue somewhat, my immediate family is all "pro-choice" but Ron Paul's influence led me to do more research and realize that abortion is murder. There are practically zero cases where it is necessary to kill the unborn baby in order to save the life of the mother. Most abortions are actually demanded by the man who foolishly planted the seed and doesn't want to have to care for his offspring and women often feel so pressured they go ahead and kill their own unborn child. I am thankful that my mother stood up to my father and my uncle who wanted me to be killed in the womb. To me there is no difference between killing a baby in the womb and killing a newborn. It is infanticide one way or the other in my opinion.

Do you think infants have a right to life? What do you think about "after birth abortion"?

I think that protecting people's right to life is one of the only arguably legitimate purposes of government, to me just because babies, born or unborn, can't speak up for themselves doesn't mean they aren't entitled to the same human rights as everyone else.

So that issue would be a deal breaker for me; I don't think I could in good conscience support another politician who didn't believe that all human beings have a right to life.

That being said I am 100% in agreement with everything else, I hope you can have a change of heart on the abortion issue please watch this documentary