Comment: PHATHEAD ! Wake up and smell the coffee! Tim G rawks!

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PHATHEAD ! Wake up and smell the coffee! Tim G rawks!

Phathead, in regards to your comment...
I don't how old you are and who you think you are to talk smack, but what have you personally done for anyone or any group of people?

The reason Alex Jones is so successful is because he continually brings little known facts out into the open. It's because of events such as the Jim Jones Jamestown Massacre that you mention, that we have the Alex Jones Muckrakers of the world. Don't you see that?

Or do you know anything about Jim Jones?

Or even a bit about Alex Jones?

Don't you understand there is information that is not reported to the public? And it is not for our benefit but the benefit of those in political power. Or do you think it is just a fluke that Doctor Paul never receives the respect he deserves by the main stream media? As far as I am aware, Alex Jones has been writing stories and conducting interviews with Doctor Paul since 1998.

What have you been doing? Nothing. That's right nothing.
Either wake up to the reality of our Republic's current situation or go back to the crib.

I apologize to everyone for the troll outburst, but Infowars is not the Daily Paul and the Daily Paul is no Infowars. But by God I am thankful for both!

And it may seem I am defending Mr. Jones, but what I am to say, is until liberty is main stream again, maybe we should discuss the details in the interview and not the alternative history believed by the one conducting the interview.

BTW, Tim G, that was an awesome comment!