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You are telling me

to source information from the very people who have subverted our laws and destroyed our country and our freedoms.

If you can't understand the inherent hierarchy of law then you are not observing reality. Its not that statutes are inferior its that they are only applicable to the entities that claim applicability. I do not just look things up in dictionaries but I also examine the evolution of their meaning over all dictionaries I can find all the way back to clay tablets of Babylon. If you can't understand that most in our law schools and courts are relatively intellectually lazy and seek interpretations of law that justify what is going on then you can't understand what or why America is being destroyed by these people.

You mentioned:
"it gives no jury trial rights for equitable causes of action (which have existed at common law for centuries) or for infractions"

This is because the actions may not be applicable to Court in the Constitutional Judicial Branch. These disputes may be settled in various ways depending on the applicability defined in the contractual creation. It may be a private arbitration or some other body politic that governs the contractually created capacities that explicitly defined their own independent fact finding process. This is the why behind your statements its because of the applicability that people voluntarily agreed to. It may be with the State or it may not. Private arbitration governing contracts is common in all forms of business law and is now even gaining traction in private security contracted outside of the insane State "court" system.

The DOI states:
"That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed"

just powers = powers of justice

The reason WHY this is so that the court can maintain impartiality at all times and eliminate all potential conflicts of interest and pecuniary advantages. This also has derivations from common law as one's right to face their accuser and others.

Does the "government" derive lawful procedures of justice from governed right now? NO! They claim that we are our own accuser or that the STATE is the accuser. In other words they have unlawfully established "mock trials" in which there is no one accepting liability for the accusations. Do they guarantee a jury trial in all criminal actions? NO! These are not only breaches but they are crimes of fraud and extortion.

When there is no liability for one's acts of seizure of liberty tyranny will flourish as is self-evident right now with the current state of affairs. The men who claim their "power" of the "Office" from their contractually binding agreement of the Constitution are actively in breach of that contract with the People by using an private banks debt note as unlawful tender when the Constitution Article 1 section 10 states:

"No State shall...make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts;"

Every state bureaucrat is in breach of this binding obligation right now. In fact everything they are doing is based around using violent force to "make" this "thing" called the "federal reserve note" have "value".

Why can't we bring them to Justice for this breach of duty? Because they are psychopathic tyrannical barbarians who have overthrown our Constitutional government. If they where actually operating lawfully then they would not obstruct justice with their acts of blocking our access to our juries. They are criminals and they are not only violating their own applicable codes and statutes but are also in breach of duty to the people. How are you going to justify that? You can't because they are simply breaking the law.

Also, I don't know who in your delusional fantasies think I am but I am not some mooch on mom's couch. I founded and run a technology company that develops leading edge automation systems for laboratory research and production. I deal with top scientists, engineers, business executives, and business attorneys across the country. I have patented leading edge fabrication technology around the world. I have worked with developing and scientifically published world records in thermal transfer. I have been in the belly of the military beast and seen the nightmare weapons technologies that they are trying implement for the future. I left that world specifically for the reason of the scientists and military generals actually stating their intent to use these nightmare technologies on "Protestors inside the United States"

My dad was also a federal agent for most of his career and I grew up around federal agents; Secret Service, US Marshalls, FBI, Postal Inspectors, and many other alphabet soup agents. I have debated with them only to have many of them acknowledge the valid logical points as needing to be challenged in court and stating everything would be much better if the law was interpreted in this way. The only problem is that I need a real court where direct access to a jury knowledgeable in law can review the facts. The courts block my access because the implications are that they are all in breach of duty and face consequences for those breaches and they know it. They have a pecuniary advantage (the definition of "corruption") and have mens rea to protect that advantage.

I have debated these concepts with sitting judges privately who ended debates by squirming in their chairs and leaving due to the uncomfortable truths and logical dots connected. The judges offered no counter logic, no case law and no clear challenges to the logic. Real law includes the laws of nature and has its effects in the biochemical processes in the brain as patterned logical stimuli is deciphered and put into the framework of experience which is in turn the driver for motor function of the human body. When the failures are pointed out logically to real truth seekers (yes many judges are actually good and do see real truth) the evidence is undeniable. This is why you attack me with your delusions of being some mooch on a couch. You have no logical foundation of law and cannot retort with facts and therefore you intentionally divert the argument by attacking me without any facts. If you think that you can escape the inviolate laws of nature then you are delusional. Your neurons operate in a very specific way and their applicable laws are the laws of nature. The laws of nature is inherent in the hierarchy of law because they are inviolate. This fact is self-evident. If you don't realize the full scope its applicability within all law then you are not talking about real law.

It is clear to me however, that the highest probability right now of who you are is that professionally you are some low-level law enforcement agent who has had "training" on the "sovereign citizen movement" by ADL and SPLC propaganda. Yes I am watching that too. Closer than you. ADL lost all credibility when they where challenged on the history of the Bush family funded and profited off Hitler and the NAZIs. The ADL simply put out one statement that basically said that the evidence of these claims is "untenable". The facts of the Bush families NAZI ties is overwhelming , their bank was seized by the Federal Government under the trading with the enemy act along with treason charges explored on Prescott Bush among many other things including the Intelligence services out of the Netherlands declassifying all of their internal intelligence on every financial transaction carried out by the Union Bank and IG Farben and Consolidated Silesean Steel Corporation. Yes I am watching them too very closely. The ADL has an agenda to control the interpretations of law to their advantage. They need the funny money FRNs to fund their agenda. They can't have We the People awaken to the fraud because their control will end and their resources of funny money will evaporate as a result of this awakening.

Am I correct here? Are you a "law enforcement officer" trained in ADL and SPLC propaganda? Notice I said highest probability not stating it as fact. This is how truth and honesty works, I am not making assumptions just evaluating logical probabilities from the pattern of words you emit and stating it as a high probability with the information at hand.

In closing I challenge you to show me where Codes and Statutes or Regulations claim applicability to the "People". You can't because it does not claim to and there is a very specific reason why this is so. When you find the answer to this you will then see how so many can be wrong and you can see how strategic usurpations have been implemented for the purpose of confusing People into being "persons". This has nothing to do with the latest internet myths it has to with the fact that "the Law [God] is no respecter of persons" and where all of this personhood comes from in law. Te founders knew this well and the constitution in its very logically precise and careful use of words demonstrates this clearly. Then comes along the elephant in the room of the 14th amendment which institutionalized (unlawfully because article 5 amendment process was not used) the fraud and usurpation of the person but even the 14th amendment does not claim applicability to the "People". The elites left the door open for themselves and left the rest behind in the confusion of person, Citizen, citizen. Its obvious what happened once one steps out of the brainwashing and examines history in its proper context. Why do you think the original 13th amendment was unlawfully deleted from history? Why did America make and ratify the 13th amendment in the first place? All of these things are interconnected within the agenda of the fraud and usurpation of personhood applied to the People.

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...