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Comment: I'm so sorry--

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I'm so sorry--

this is hard to read.

I've lost loved ones to cancer, and I know it's hard. I refuse to seek medical treatment if it ever happens to me (that includes spouse; we made the choice individually)--

but for now one of us has a highly rare medical (using that word out of habit) condition that nobody can do anything to help--

no medical doctors can help it; diet helps, but nothing else, really. It's so rare and so unknown, and it's genetic--

so, anyway--

I am beginning to be afraid of people finding out, so we keep it as quiet as we can--

I've discovered that there are those who are snoopy who don't like that we don't use medicine (the conventional stuff), etc.--

that we manage this with some alternative advice but mostly through diet and through experimenting with various supplements--

"Regular" people can be very threatened by anything that challenges their way of thinking about things, so we suffer in silence. We keep the illness in our family circle--

and ask the children who live with us not to tell anyone.

I'm so sorry for those who have hoped and then had their hope fall flat.

And, yes, the FBI seems to be the new, latest monster--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--