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Hope And Optimism?

That sounds almost just like "hope and change." Where did I hear that? AJ is depressing true, he doesn't offer a lot of solutions true, but he makes me aware of what is going on and that's more than most people do. Ron Paul was good about doing that concerning the FED. Some of the stuff AJ spouts about is hard to swallow and he's rude as hell to listen to but he was right about a lot of stuff and will no doubt be right again. It's not his fault the world is ruled by evil corrupt disgusting pigs. Don't kill the messenger. As for me moving out of the city, LOTS of people are not only leaving the cities but also the country. I would rather take my chances in a small community than in a city full of gangs and clueless people is shtf. Case in point, I wouldn't want to be in BOSTON and have to face armed mindless goons with attitude.