Comment: I think the site needs a filter and perhaps reformated

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I think the site needs a filter and perhaps reformated

If this sight will survive a restructuring needs to take place.

I once owned a business that was very successful bring in just over ... Well lets just say it was a significant about of money. The cash in may cases was reinvested into the company for capital equipment. With the new equipment things started to expand. What was overlooked was the the investment in the overall company structure.

The business failed.

It failed because it got to threshold where I simply was stuck running it the same way and did not let go of the day to day responsibilities and lead as the visionary I was.

What I'm trying to say is, the Daily Paul needs to restructure its self if it will survive. Perhaps the whole concept of free for all needs to change. The posts and discussions don't need to die but need to take less of a center stage in my opinion.

The concept of preserving liberty needs to me augment and have more controls to the content being broadcast. Furthermore, there are massive egos that self promote, topics that are harming the genus of this site and divisive behavior that turns people away. I know some of you are thinking regulation and controls are bad but I have news for you 1 this isn't the government and the Daily Paul is not attempting to run your life 2. It's a private enterprise competing in the market place.

I don't know of any company or service that is run as a free for all.

I have read posts by Michael venting frustration over the issues I dealt with in my business just under a different context. If he doesn't have it in him or feels its preventing him from living his life, he deserves to sell it, step down or shut it off. Life is too short to be handcuffed. He has worked too hard to make this an awesome site. Show him some support.

So, what's the next step here? We have a lot of intelligent people on board. How about reading in between the lines of what Michaels saying in this post. If we continue with status quo we will fail.

How about acknowledging the boss mans concerns and helping him come to a solution on how it can be restructured so we can take this thing to the next level.

My 2 cents

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.