Comment: find out about the REAL Rachel Maddow: WarMachine Propagandist

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find out about the REAL Rachel Maddow: WarMachine Propagandist

go here, please: Rachel Maddow, the Racist Cecil Rhodes funded Propagandist for GE Warmachine Smears Ron Paul, AJ & Beck

posted it enough times here, but don't want to be on the verge on 'spamming.'

so, if interested, please check it out, at your leisure, y'all.

if I may, I believe with public statist actors, one is always left evaluating one's publicly verifiable history in terms of academic, policy, professional, and/or voting records, along with their activity in and around or with (if so to what extent/degree) various professional groups/NGO/K-St. firm/'thinktanks' etc. to gauge whom anyone is, to our own each level of litmus, threshold, and satisfaction.

That said, I'd submit, despite the ongoing "was it a case of 'statist/govt incompetence,' or an active, participatory, malicious Machiavellian Fabian Socialist-esque policy engineering and greenlit operations?" each of these unfolding incidents must always be gauged and updated with apt scrutiny based on historically proven realities along the way.

Incompetence? Well-meaning? CYA? perhaps, but one should always never forget that while govt & its corporatist statist actors are in fact incompetent about many things, there is one thing they've always excelled at: destruction. Because it's always easier to destroy something that's already there for them to infiltrate or directly destroy. It's always more difficult to create something beautiful of lasting value.

To wit: as someone who've tracked Maddow's career since early 2004, it's clear to me that she has never been, and never will be a 'friend of liberty' despite the fact that even to some here, she may seem like one of the better actors at MSDNC and among the pitiful pool of the 'movement' Leftists in general.

Caveat emptor, 'tis all folks.

The linked post maybe a bit on the long side (which one of mine, aren't? lol), but if you choose to listen to her past AAR shows, all the Ron Paul, Rand Paul, and R3VOLution related Youtube I linked, along with some background info on Cecil Rhodes, it should become clear.

Even if not, c'est la vie.

However, I'd still proffer that it's always a prudent geopolitical disposition to assess/watch the likes of Maddow and their influence, whenever a tragedy occurs (as you would already, well at least I hope y'all do so already, when it comes to discerning MSM propagdanda from any of their once 'influential' to 'waning in influence but nevertheless still is influential in seniors and no-time-for-geopolitics soccermom circles'-MSM outlets and their sycophantic hacks) to gauge the level of shift in vox populi among political operators and their gullible, dutiful audience.

Predictions in due Time...

"Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it's realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy." - Dr. Ronald Ernest Paul